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Furniture Components

CNC Work



Joinery. An extensive product portfolio with bespoke solutions for bent wood or panel requirements and design flexibility to suit any need.
Furniture Components. We have been supplying furniture components to the furniture industry for 30 years and have a diverse product base.
CNC Work. Our fabrication shop features a CNC wood router where we can create custom made components.
Bendywood®. Made with a unique thermo-mechanical process which saves time bending timber, has design flexibility and is easy to install.
ProScribe™. Provides pre-cut scribers and cavity battens to suit weatherboards.






Flameshield. Provides a cost effective, Group 1-S fire rating for all our wood products.
Sonollations acoustic and decorative panels. Products with sustainable design alongside classic shapes, which enable sound treatment with character.
Sonoline acoustic planks. A modular system with slotted, sound absorbent timber planks. Uses no screws or nails, is demountable, reusable, easy to install and has Group 1 S fire rating.
Sonopanel acoustic panels. Bespoke decorative and acoustic panels that regulate acoustics without sacrificing design in areas such as lecture halls, airport terminals or cafes.
Sonodesign acoustic and decorative panels. Bespoke decorative and acoustic design solutions. Designers use them to make large rooms look great.